Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Pagan Blessing

A Pagan Blessing

May you be safe from all external harm,
Safe from illusion, confusion and fear,
Safe where you sleep and at home where you walk,
Secure in the knowledge that safety is here.

May you take joy in the beating of your own heart.
May you have grace in stillness and grace in motion.
May you know that your way is a way that is blessed.
May you live life in laughter, love, and devotion.

May you love how you walk, may you love how you speak
May you walk out to meet those you love on your path.
May you find love in the furthest of places,
May love make a home of your own hearth.

May your fire burn bright, may your waters run deep,
May your body dance, and may your breath sing.
May the spirit be strong within you,
May you know it in you, and in everything.

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