Friday, 18 March 2011

Children's Poem of the Day: I am a dragon.

I wrote this quite awhile ago and felt like resurrecting it today. It's waiting for an illustrator :-)

I am a dragon so there
I live in a flat in a square
I wear blue and pink socks
And I own an X box.
And I am a dragon, so there.

I am an angel called Derek
I fly through the sky above Berwick
Sometimes I play ball
across treetops with Paul
And a small horned goalie called Eric.

And I am Paul the vulture
I enjoy contemporary culture.
I can stab my beak
Through the ball at it’s peak
And score goals of such feathery grandeur!

My name is Eric, the goalie
That’s Paul-the-cheat and that’s Derek-the-holy
But I am the best
I knock socks off the rest
When I tackle Paul with my grand roly-poly.

There is a phoenix called Kate
She lives on the top of that gate
And takes round the world trips
In her underground ships
Made of ash and of blue china plate.

I’m a ship’s captain called Esther
I’ve one leg, pink wings and a purple sou’wester
Ship’s bound for Austria
To visit Sofia
My Aunt, who herds sheep and a tortoise called Nestor

It’s good to meet you, I’m Sofia
I’m a little bit deaf in this ear
Come on in have some pie
Dance with Nestor and I
I’m becoming a DJ later this year.

I am a goblin called Emma
I learn art in a school in Vienna
I’m painting Sofia
Red, purple and greener
And she’s teaching me Macarena.

I am a striped wasp called Beth
And this is my other called Seth
We flit and we fly
Through the purple-blue sky
On the wind like a wide fat man’s breath.

Here is a Dream called Che-lings
She lies with the raindrops and sings
When you try to sleep,
She comes with the sheep,
And whispers you blue-winged things.

I am a dragon, it’ s true
These are my friends, how d’you do?
We laugh and we cry
And we are, don’t ask why.
I am a dragon; and you?

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